Business as usual is no longer an option.

We are an expandable group of creatives who believe that communication and design skills should be used to effect positive change. For that reason — and in the face of gigantic global challenges — we only collaborate with brands that want to be part of the solution. And the growing demand for purpose-driven products and services gives us every reason to be optimistic about our mission.

We create and move brands through core deliverables: graphic design, brand identity, advertising, social media and interactive work. Our strategic approach is direct and focused, and we firmly believe that a lasting impact is made when creativity and discipline work together.

Our office is based in the Malmö/Copenhagen region in Sweden, but with no fixed address. We work wherever there is a wi-fi connection. This frees us to collaborate with anyone, including independent consultants, marketing and sustainability departments, in-house agencies and traditional ad agencies. Both locally and across continents.

Hey, optimist!

We are constantly looking for positive thinkers who believe that the world can be fixed. Join us if you are an independent art director, writer, designer, sustainability strategist, account manager or developer who wants to work for a purpose beyond quarterly economic growth. Please send your CV and/or portfolio to info@martinkann.com. Thanks!

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General inquries:

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